Black LOVE

Black L❤️VE

To My Strong Black King 🖤

They say anything worth having, is worth fighting for; but will the fight make us want each other that much more? Or will we end up wondering if its time to throw in the towel & walk out the door? Relationships take work & we both gotta be willing to play our part; being able to compromise & sacrifice for one another is just the start. Sometimes people tend to forget a relationship is meant just for two; not for the world to have a voice & express what they feel we should or shouldn’t do. Two people, one goal, traveling our journey together; focusing on what is, not what was & that is how do we make it to forever? Loving without reservations, restrictions or restraints; being vulnerable enough to let love in without questioning each other’s motives; but making sure we’re able to handle any complaints; about what’s not being received as well as what the other may want or need; while remembering there’s no “I” in team. Trusting someone else with a piece of you, that’s fragile but yet so big; making them your number one priority & being able to not just take but also give. Giving unconditional love, loyalty & commitment to just name a few; because knowing if you were to ever hurt them, it’ll hurt you too; because two hearts have come together to make one; therefore, becoming the protector & nurturer of their being comes second to none. So even after the “honeymoon” phase & all the excitement fade; we gotta make sure our foundation isn’t superficially made. Because it needs to be strong, durable & stable too; being able to withstand the deception & lies designed to destroy me & you. We can be the perfect equation & provide the solution too; because without you, there’s no me but together we can & we will make it through. So let’s take the bitter with the sweet & vow to turn lemons into lemonade; Love like we’ve never been hurt & make our love story the best one ever made. 

Your Beautiful Black Queen 🖤 
Chanel Holland
Stylist @thestylita
Muse @kidmoone, @synqwetta
@beaconscloset, green necklace- @art.gia, gold cuffs- @tamarnavama
Jason McQuain

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