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Meet the Founder &

Editor in Chief Terrell Edmonds

“Dream big and never settle for less”, a quote by Editor in Chief Terrell Edmonds that he seems to have lived by as he has grown as a leader and icon for many young artists in our generation. Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Terrell has found more than one way to blossom in his field of work.Terrell started his career the same as most of our population, working a 9-5 job in hotel management. Although he worked in what seemed to be an ordinary job, a young Mr. Edmonds found opportunity and ran with it, as a celebrity assistant almost 20 years ago.
Terrell had always wanted to find his way into the modeling and fashion world, but was a little confused where he would fit in. He knew he had skills with photography, team building, and team management, but strug- gled to pick one as his niche. He wanted to work for himself, and his love of fashion and beauty would soon enough grant that for him. Terrell’s values center around being unique, original, and finding his own lane. Terell’s path, in which he worked as a celebrity assistant, led him into the field of photography, where he really found his love for the lens.
As a celebrity photographer, Terrell worked with many big names and inspirations. Two celebrity women he named were Tammy Rivera and Robin Givens, but the name that stood out most was Fonzworth Bentley. Bentley gave Terrell a signed copy of one of his books,Advance Your Swagger and told
Terrell that he could do or be anything he wanted as long as he was willing to work for it. This ideology is one that Terrell had to have throughout his new breakout magazine, Revö.
When asked why he started Revö, Terrell explained that he noticed all the work that goes into producing art such as a magazine. He went on to explain that a lot of times that work goes unnoticed by the general population, and that with Revö, his team would make it a priority to give those stars their chance to shine. Revö’s ideas and content come from many different races, ethnicities, and minds, who all have focused on their own lane, but accepted immersion in order to expand that lane. This is what sets Revö apart, their willingness to give young artists a place to share their ideas and gain exposure in the industry, which is an opportunity that would not be possible without Terrell’s vision.
With the release of Revö right around the corner, Terrell wants to make it known that without the help of his team and supporters none of his successes would be possible. He would like to extend special thanks to his team or as he knows them, “X-men”: Dev Dooley, Jasmine Ferrell, Nichelle G, Jason Mcquain, Nora Bonds, Trilla, and Lesley Sedgwick. Finally, Terrell would like to give his most important thanks to his mother, who instilled all his values and ethics as he has continued to emerge as a visionary in our generation.